Sign Assessment Agreement with
BEAM Society Limited and
Kickstart your
BEAM Plus EB Assessment

You will have to sign assessment agreement and settle the assessment fee with BEAM Society Limited (BSL) before you kickstart your BEAM Plus EB assessment. Please get in touch with BSL Secretariat

+852 3610 5700

for assistance with your project assessment.

Fee Scale of BEAM Plus EB
Please refer to the following manuals for
your assessment procedures:

Your project submission will be assessed by BEAM Assessor and reviewed by Assessment Sub-Committee.

BEAM Plus EB V2.0 Comprehensive Scheme Assessment Manual

BEAM Plus EB V2.1 Selective Scheme Assessment Manual

Technical Circulars

Procedures Manual (Assessment) V6.0

Procedure Manual v1.0
for Pre-approved Credit Mechanism

Procedure Manual v1.0
for Portfolio Assessment Mechanism

Get the BEAM Plus
Assessment Report and
Accept the Project Rating

After review of your project submission, BSL will issue the BEAM Plus assessment report to you. You can review the report and accept the rating, then BSL will hand in the assessment report to HKGBC for the final step – certification.

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We are happy to assist
throughout your journey of
BEAM Plus certification.

For assessment matters, please contact BSL Secretariat

+852 3610 5700