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Owners, asset managers and property managers of the building portfolio could utilise the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Volume Certification to assess and certify the sustainability performance of multiple existing buildings in a more expedited and economical manner.

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Applying Economies of Scale in Volume Certification

The more the buildings you register for certification, the more discount you can get on the registration fee. As for the assessments, applicants can opt for either the pre-approved credit mechanism or portfolio assessment mechanism, based on the needs and conditions material to the existing building portfolio.

With the Volume Certification, applicants of the existing buildings portfolio could effectively manage the sustainable operating practices throughout its building portfolio and ensure that the sustainability performances of the building portfolio can be effectively communicated to the stakeholders.

Case Sharing

Nan Fung Property Management’s Portfolio

The portfolio of 12 properties managed by Nan Fung Property Management was one of the first in Hong Kong to sign up to the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Volume Certification. Among the portfolio, a series of best management practices has been implemented, such as green management system, proactive engagement with stakeholders in sustainability, and the inclusion of green facilities throughout the building portfolio.

Prior to the submission of the assessment, Nan Fung Property Management has worked in tandem with both Hong Kong Green Building Council and BEAM Society in understanding the BEAM Plus assessment requirement and identifying the performance gap between the assessment requirement and the management practice. Through the capacity building, Nan Fung Property Management set appropriate management targets and make further enhancements to the management practices to meet the BEAM Plus assessment requirement.

With the adoption of portfolio assessment mechanism, the 12 properties in the portfolio achieved Good Grade in the Management Aspect under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Selective Scheme.

“We are committed to sustainable development through implementation of green management practices. The achievement made from the Scheme not only recognizes our efforts in promoting a greener community, but also drives us farther along the sustainable journey.”

Nan Fung Property Management
Nan Fung Property Management’s
Portfolio of Properties under  
BEAM Plus Existing Buildings
Nan Fung Tower
Nan Fung Centre
Cheung Fung Industrial Building
Tsuen Fung Centre
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