HKGBC issues the Certificate

Once HKGBC receives the assessment report from BSL, issuance of the certificate will be arranged for you by HKGBC. After completion of certification, your project rating will be updated at the BEAM Plus Project Directory.

At your BEAM Plus Project Online Account, you can also retrieve the scanned copies of the certificates and promotional materials for achievement of your project. Please feel free to use them, and refer to the BEAM Plus Marketing Kit and Style Guide about how to promote your BEAM Plus projects:

At HKGBC, we are supporting project teams and building owners on promoting their BEAM Plus projects. Please get in touch with HKGBC Secretariat to explore the marketing opportunities.

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We are happy to assist
throughout your journey of
BEAM Plus certification.

For registration and certification matters,
please contact HKGBC Secretariat

+852 3994 8813