Project Description

ISPL Consulting Limited

Established in 1995, ISPL has been providing Energy Consultancy service since 2005. Also, ISPL is a Hong Kong Government Approved Consultant under AACSB of ASD since 2009. Our Energy projects range from RCx, Energy Audit, Carbon Audit, Advanced Energy Solution, Big Data Analytics, AI, etc. The Managing Director was awarded the International Prize of 2011 Energy Engineer of the Year. Our Energy Award includes MTR’s Maritime Square from EMSD. Our professionals include 5 RCx Professionals, 7 RCx Practitioners, 2 BEAM Pros, 4 REAs, 2 CEMs, 3 CAPs, 1 CMVP, 1 CBCP and 8 ESFs.

Ir Dr Leonard Chow

+852 2797 9381