BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB)

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB) measures the actual performance of a building and evaluates its facility management practices. The assessment covers all aspects of management, operation and maintenance, and may be initiated at any time during a building’s operational life.

BEAM Plus EB Brochure
What buildings can be assessed?

Any types of existing buildings, at all ages, can be registered for certification. BEAM Plus EB offers different schemes tailored to the needs, budget and technical capabilities of the building teams.

Comprehensive Scheme

This is a holistic review that buildings are assessed in all 7 assessment aspects. Under the Comprehensive Scheme, assessment can be undergone in one-go or divided into several stages.

Assessment Manual of BEAM Plus EB V2.0 Comprehensive Scheme

Selective Scheme

Buildings are assessed in individual aspects, with certificates issued for each assessed aspect. There are no prerequisites under the Selective Scheme, thus it has a lower threshold than the Comprehensive Scheme.

Assessment Manual of BEAM Plus EB V2.0 Selective Scheme

Volume Certification

Volume Certification assesses portfolios of buildings that share common characteristics. Multiple existing buildings are assessed in a single bundle to increase certainty and efficiency.

Procedure Manual of Pre-approved Credit Mechanism
Procedure Manual of Portfolio Assessment Mechanism

There are four ratings available for a building after completing the assessment.

Under Comprehensive Scheme





Under Selective Scheme


Very Good



Which scheme is suitable
for your building?

Project teams can opt for different schemes under BEAM Plus EB certification,
based on the current circumstances of their buildings.

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